Say Yes to the Dress – Part IV


When I last left off, I’d had quite a day and decided to take my parents and sister back to the first bridal shop to see the expensive, but beautiful dress. I left…with nothing, and gave myself a deadline (the trunk show) to try on other dresses before I purchased this dress. I just didn’t want to drag out the entire process and worried that I’d end up in dress paralysis and find anything. So I made an appointment the following weekend at another bridal shop that a co-worker told me about. I waited for what seemed like forever before the day of my appointment finally came.

I arrived about 5 minutes early for my appointment and walked in to utter chaos. A tiny bridal shop full of people where no one greeting me and I was left standing around thinking, “Umm…okay, who works here?” If my parents, sister, and Tammie weren’t meeting me, I probably would’ve left. Poor customer service does not get my money! I sat at what I assumed was the “service desk” and waited for someone to greet me. After a few minutes, I was approached by a consultant and asked if I had an appointment…umm yeah *side eye* why else would I just be sitting in the midst of this chaos?! Thankfully, Tammie arrived and was followed by my parents and sister about 15 minutes later and we got started.

There was one dress in particular that I’d found by a designer and I had the consultant pull that aside along with a few others. In the dressing room (yes, she came with me), the consultant kept telling me how beautiful the dress was, how unique, how I was going to love it, blah, blah, blah…So I finally got the dress on and….nothing. It wasn’t at all what I’d expected. The material looked cheap to me, but I opened the curtain anyway. My mom and sister really liked the dress. Tammie, always careful to speak, asked how I felt about it first to which I replied, “It’s okay.” I won’t bore you with all the details, but we proceeded to go through the process of trying on a bird cage and sash with the dress. My mom and sister grew fonder of the dress and Tammie got more quiet. I just wasn’t sold.

Here’s where it gets entertaining…the consultant was soooo pushy! She kept telling me that this was my dress, I wouldn’t find another dress with this much detail at this price, and that I was running out of time so I had to order today to get my dress in time. Seriously lady…hush! I am choosing a dress for one of the most important days of my life and you’re trying to pressure me, beat it! Dana (my polar opposite in terms of personality) started to get annoyed with her pushiness as did Ethel (my nickname for my Mom).

I voiced my opinion about the dress, that it just didn’t feel the same and looked a little “cheesy” to me to which the consultant replied, well of course it’s not going to look the same as the other dress you tried on. It’s much more reasonably priced! Problem solved…I can’t wear this cheesy garment on my wedding day. To be polite, we sat down to discuss the ordering process anyway and the consultant proceeded to touch my face and try to coerce me into the dress. I told her I’d think about it, I wanted to go home to another bridal shop and I’d be back if I didn’t find anything (white lie).

I decided that I wouldn’t be buying my dress from that shop. I feel like a lot of consultants take advantage of some brides and then the bride ends up with a dress that she doesn’t want or love. To be fair, as a woman, you also have to know when to put your foot down and say no, which I did.

On Monday, I emailed one of the bridal shops at home, and even though they were closed, they emailed me right back to schedule an appointment. Nice touch. I made an appointment for Friday (the day before the trunk show). I also found another bridal shop in Richmond who carried the first dress designer and made a second appointment there (just in case). Fingers crossed this time…

Did you experience any pushy or overbearing consultants during your dress shopping process? What about trying on dresses at different price points – could you noticed a difference or was that just my experience with the two particular dresses?



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Cynthia Winston on December 13th, 2011 at 12:45 pm


Daniel & Dara on December 16th, 2011 at 4:34 pm

You have to wait and see! Last post coming shortly!

Tammie on December 19th, 2011 at 10:59 pm

I just SERIOUSLY chuckled remembering that extremely pushy/touchy lady! LOL! You are right though, many women probably get caught up in a pushy salesperson’s web! Good thing you put your foot down! It was totally not your dress. Your face showed it the whole time.



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