Dude, Will you be my Groomsman?


We finally have groomsmen! Well, they finally know who they are and have all accepted. Daniel wanted to do something special to ask his groomsmen instead of the traditional phone call. We finally decided on the idea of a customized beer bottle. Daniel went to total wine to shop for beer bottles and returned no less than an hour later with 4 different bottles! He had very specific requirements for the beer bottle: 1) the top had to be nice (no bottle caps), 2) the beer had to be larger than the normal 12 oz. size, and 3) the beer top had to coordinate with our wedding colors. In case you haven’t noticed, this was very serious 🙂

We decided on a beer bottle that had a swing top with a blue design. The next difficult task was finding a bow tie on a neck and a brown neck at that. After a few hours of searching the internet, I suggested cropping a picture we’d found and darkening the skin color to resemble a more tan neck.

I purchased waterproof beer labels online that we could print directly onto from home. Daniel soaked the labels off the beer bottles using hot water. We now had clean bottles and new labels but no design. Designing the labels was maybe the hardest part. Daniel was very picky about what they said, the design spacing, and the colors. In total, he spent about 3-4 weeks designing the labels. The funny thing was all of the people he would normally call for design help or advice, were people who were going to receive bottles. So all he had was Google and me 😀

The front label features a man with a seersucker bowtie and the question “Dude, will you be my groomsman?” on a beer label inspired design. The background of the label has his fraternity toast, “A toast to the baddest frat. A-Phi-A is where it’s at. To the brothers of Beta E.” The neck of the bottle featured the name that Daniel calls each one of the groomsman.

The back label featured information about the enclosed beer (some true, some Daniel inspired), our wedding seal, and a custom QR code that when scanned takes you to our wedding website. Yes, Daniel designed all of this…he was super fancy, I know.

We packaged all the bottles using bubble wrap and cushioned envelopes, and off they went. Over the next few days, we could barely contain our excitement waiting for the groomsmen to receive their packages. Craig got his first and Jabari was the last. All of the groomsmen were really surprised and definitely appreciated all of Daniel’s hard work.

To our groomsmen: Thank you for agreeing to be a special part of our wedding day!

You can see how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding day, here.

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Erika Gibson on December 9th, 2011 at 12:17 pm

you guys are ENTIRELY too fancy for me!! How creative!!!

Jennifer on July 14th, 2012 at 7:46 pm

i am interested in doing the same idea for my upcoming wedding in 2013 and love the idea of the custom beer bottle labels. which website did you buy the labels off of? i cant seem to find the labels. Thanks!


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