Flight Attendants [Bridesmaids]

Maid of Honor – Dana Felder

I can always count on Dana to listen, do research (no matter what it’s on), give me an honest opinion, share an outfit or accessory, or for just a good laugh. Growing up we used to make my Mom so mad because we’d make each other laugh until one (or both) of us peed in our pants. My mom’s errand schedule would then be ruined because we’d have to go home. I absolutely adore my sister and cannot wait to share this experience with her.

Dana is very crafty and excellent at making things, so I can’t wait to utilize this talent as we plan the wedding.

Dana is an Industrial & Systems Engineering graduate from Virginia Tech who works as a Systems Engineer in Fairfax. She also is currently in her Rookie season as a NFL cheerleader.


Maid of Honor – Tamara Flannigan

Tamara, Tammie or even Tam has been my BFF since middle school and we’ve never looked back. We went to middle and high school then college together. The only time we were apart was right after college when I moved to Dallas and Tammie worked in Richmond. Tammie is more than my friend, she is my sister – always loyal, willing to help, or offer an honest opinion (that is usually the total opposite of mine) *wink*

Tammie has a very elegant and timeless style and I cannot wait to see her personal touches in our wedding!

Tamara is an Early Childhood Education and Masters of Education graduate of Virginia Tech who works as an Educator in Arlington County. I love hearing stories about her “babes.”

Matron of Honor – Erika Gibson

Erika and I have been together since the first day of Kindergarten (yep, that long) and BFFs since 6th grade. Erika is very outspoken, bubbly, and fun. I have also labeled Erika as my SPBFF because we both grew up in similar Christian homes and I can always count on her to give me not only her opinion but a Godly opinion as well. In fact, her sentiments often echo my Mom’s, so I’d say Erika is wise too *smile* I can always be completely honest with Erika and share whatever is on my heart, trusting that she not only cares but will pray with me and for me as well. Even though we went to different colleges, our friendship never missed a beat.

Erika has a fun style and a classic touch and has walked down this road before, so I know her help and feedback will be tremendous.

Erika is a Political Science graduate of James Madison and works as a Legal Analyst in Washington, DC. She is also my MBA classmate (I am so thankful) at the George Washington University.

Bridesmaid – Kiera Speed

In many ways, Kiera or Kiki, was my first little sister. Our Dads grew up together in Oxford, NC and they met our Moms during college and the rest is history. Every year, for as long as I can remember, our families have gone on vacation together – a tradition we still have tried to maintain despite being adults. Kiki is so much fun to be around, has a great sense of humor (I can always remember us laughing together), and is one of the nicest people I know.

Kiki has a special touch and style and I look forward to having her heartfelt additions in our wedding.

Kiera is a Journalism graduate of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and works as a Project Manager in Raleigh.


Bridesmaid – Sara Valdez

Before I ever met Sara, Daniel would say, “Stop doing that you look like Sara” or “Ok, Sara.” So I knew when we met that Sara and I would get along. Sara is very outgoing, bubbly, and full of personality. In the years that I’ve known Sara, I’ve enjoyed discussing everything from makeup and nail polish to careers and relationships with her, just like sisters.

Sara has a unique and funky style and I cannot wait to have her personal touches added to our wedding.

Sara is a Business graduate of Troy University as well as a member of the United States Air Force. She is currently studying cosmetology at the Aveda Institute in Tucson.