Co-Pilot [Bride]

First & Middle Name: Dara Rochelle

Hometown: Chesterfield, VA

Occupation: Operations Research Analyst

College: Virginia Tech – GO HOKIES!!!!

Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering with Business Minor

Birthday: March 23

Family: Darryl & Dorine, Dana (little sister)

Eleven Things About Me

  1. I have a very distinct voice (thanks Mom) that changed suddenly in elementary school. My Mom took me to the Doctor asking if it was going to return to normal. As I matured it turned into her voice, people get us confused a lot on the phone.
  2. I am a girly girl and love feminine things but don’t let that confuse you – I love football, am pretty adventurous, and not afraid to break a nail.
  3. I love nail polish. I started collecting it in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. I usually buy about 4 bottles at a time. My favorite brands are Zoya (they have great promotions), OPI, and Essie.
  4. I believe that a great pair of sky high heels is essential to every woman’s wardrobe.
  5. I have been labeled as a “social butterfly” my entire life. What can I say, I’ve got the gift of gab!
  6. My one essential makeup item would have to be mascara.
  7. I sucked my two middle fingers up until 6th grade (my parents tried everything) and finally my Mom started getting my nails done and that’s how we broke the habit.
  8. I love Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech football is especially near and dear to my heart. In fact, I served as an Orientation Leader my last year.
  9. I love to read and always have. My parents used to hide the summer reading books from me so I wouldn’t read them all before school was out. I do own a Kindle and I absolutely LOVE it! When I first got it, I brought it everywhere with me…even to work.
  10. I enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of my day. My past three birthdays have been celebrated at wine bars or wineries. *cheers*
  11. My parents are my heroes. I would not trade them for anything in this world. They’ve been so encouraging, supportive, and loving my entire life. They truly exemplify what it means to be great parents. I love you Daddy & Mommy ♥